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Some words about us

Amigoservices was established by a Civil Engineer, who was travelling up and down the country due to contracts. Every time he moved it was really stressful and expensive.

This led him to start his own side business as a removals company, later on he joined a more experienced removals contractor and offered other services. The company is rooted on giving quality services and reasonable prices to its friends. It's all about being their for our friends, as we do not like to use the term customers. We see it more than an obligation to keep our friends happy at all times whilst they are using our services.


Our mission is to take the stress out of moving or sending anything in the UK or abroad, whether it is for a business or personal items.

We would like our clients to rely on us as a reliable and trustworthy partner to get the job done.

  • Fast moving service

    We make sure all Jobs within or out of UK are carried out as soon as possible, and we keep our customers informed about the job if there are unforseenable issues that arise during transit. E.g. Bad weather, Traffic, Vehicle Breakdown etc. Most removal and clearance jobs are aimed to be completed as soon as possible unless otherwise instructed by the client.

  • Secure checklist

    Once you have booked your job, our staff would be ready to meet you in person with a checklist, ensuring all items are taken into consideration before and after moving, making sure nothing is lost or damaged during and after delivery. Giving our friends a peace of mind while there move takes place.

  • Heavy furniture

    We take weight into account even If an estimate is given (for smaller domestic jobs) in order to analyse the situation fully in terms of the man power required for lifting and moving the load in and out of the van. In addition, to decide the type of transport is required for the load.


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